Advanced Materials


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The Interplay Between Charge Transport and Nanostructure of High Performance, Solution-Crystallized Organic Semiconductor Systems Unveiled by Soft Materials, Analytical TEM
— The Physical Sciences Directorate has broad capabilities in electron microscopy and recently expanded capabilities at the CNMS for imaging soft and hybrid nanomaterials.

Nuclear Forensics
— Illicit trafficking of nuclear and radioactive materials has been on the rise since the first seizures in the early 1990s. This increase in material trafficking combined with terrorist activities to create “dirty bombs” has made the field of nuclear forensic analysis an emerging discipline.

Nanoscale Molecular Cartography: Conbined Optical Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry for Multimodal Imaging of Interfaces
— There exists a clear need to extend the limits of our understanding of chemical and physical phenomena of materials and biosystems at the nanoscale. Currently available techniques usually face a trade-off between spatial resolution and chemical information.


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