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'That's what we do.'
— University of Tennessee (UT)-Oak Ridge National Laboratory Governor's Chair for Advanced Manufacturing Suresh Babu will lead the University of Tennessee's effort as part of a Detroit-based Lightweight and Modern Metals Manufacturing Innovation institute announced by President Obama on Feb. 25.

Thompson-Boling Arena Among First in World to Use Cutting-Edge Lighting
— With the installation of LED fixtures, UT’s Thompson-Boling Arena is one of the first in the world to feature lights that are smaller, brighter, and up to 85 percent more efficient than conventional arena metal halide lights.

Nanotech toolbox
— One of the most remarkable aspects of this super-small-scale world is that, under the right conditions, bits and pieces of materials will put themselves together—a natural phenomenon known as self-assembly. For example, polymer molecules, like the ones used to make plastic bags, organize themselves into a variety of structures based on what's going on in their environment.

New family of tiny crystals glow bright in LED lights
— Minuscule crystals that glow different colors may be the missing ingredient for white LED lighting that illuminates homes and offices as effectively as natural sunlight.


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