Eric Hirst (1985)

Energy Division

For pioneering work on energy conservation, including development of energy demand models, data bases, and analyses of energy use trends, which has contributed to federal and state energy policies and programs and to demand-side planning by electric utilities.

Eric Hirst has been at ORNL since 1970. His research focuses on electric-industry restructuring. Projects deal with unbundling generation and transmission services (ancillary services), bulk-power reliability, formation and operation of independent system operators, stranded (transition) costs, and the effects of changes in bulk-power markets on environmental quality. During the past 25 years, Hirst was on assignment for a year or more with Land and Water Fund of the Rockies (1992–93), Puget Sound Power & Light (1986–87), the Minnesota Energy Agency (1979), and the Federal Energy Administration (1974–75).

Dr. Hirst holds a Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford University. Hirst has published almost 400 reports, journal articles, and book chapters.

He was appointed a corporate fellow in 1985.


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