Preparedness - New tool for first responders


By integrating millions of dollars in existing tools, models and datasets, an Oak Ridge National Laboratory program called SAVANT promises to save lives at no further cost to taxpayers. Rick Lusk, creator of SAVANT -- Situational Awareness Visualization ANalysis Tool -- plans to collaborate with law enforcement agencies, first responders and federal agencies in anticipation of the launch of a pilot project. “Ultimately, SAVANT will provide the equivalent of supercomputer services to front line emergency management command centers,” Lusk said. “It will offer an unprecedented understanding of existing conditions during the first phases of a crisis, and this new level of awareness happening in real time will save lives.” SAVANT incorporates existing population, geophysical characteristics, critical infrastructure, live meteorological feeds and energy delivery data.

 -  Ron Walli,  865.576.0226,  February 04, 2014

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