Diesels – Reducing soot …


Nine U.S. diesel engine manufacturers and Oak Ridge National Laboratory are using their collective horsepower to tackle the perennial industry-wide problem of efficiency-robbing soot in engines. Over time, heat exchangers in diesel engines become coated with soot and unburned fuel that robs 1-2 percent of the engine’s efficiency. While that may not seem like a big number, ORNL researcher Michael Lance noted that it means thousands of gallons in wasted fuel. However, with advanced microscopy and neutrons that allow for non-destructive imaging, ORNL researchers are gaining a better understanding of the properties of the soot and how it forms in real-world components provided by the manufacturers. Contributions from researchers at the National Transportation Research Center are also vital to the success of the project, Lance said.

 -  Ron Walli,  865.576.0226,  May 01, 2014

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