Metallurgy - Graphite foam expansion


By mixing graphitic particles with ductile metal powders, Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers have produced an entirely new family of matrix composites that broaden the use of graphite foam. These novel metals, collectively called Vari-k-Graphmet, possess the qualities of each individual component, and help to create a highly customizable product that can tailor graphite foam to a wide variety of applications, including automobile exhaust systems, brakes, LED lighting, refrigeration, power converters, heat sinks and heat exchangers. This is because the combination of highly conductive graphite foam and titanium produces a high-strength, lightweight, titanium alloy that has high thermal conductivity. [Written by Jennifer Brouner, (865) 241-9515;]

 -  Media Relations,  865.576.1946,  July 02, 2013

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