Cybersecurity – Foiling attackers


By frequently changing the Internet addresses of protected servers, Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Craig Shue has created a technology that thwarts attacks with just minor changes in infrastructure. The system, dubbed Choreographer, makes it difficult for hackers to guess the server’s address while seamlessly redirecting the culprit to a monitoring infrastructure, or “honey pot.”  When contacted by a legitimate user – one with no history of attacks – the server provides the correct address and creates a network mapping to maintain the link. “Our approach reduces attacker scanning effectiveness from around 100 percent to less than 1 percent for most network deployments,” Shue said. Choreographer was selected as one of eight projects in the Department of Homeland Security’s Transition to Practice Program, designed to help commercialize promising high-impact research. 

 -  Ron Walli,  865.576.0226,  December 05, 2013

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