Energy—CoNNECT promotes savings


Energy consumers intent on seeing lower bills could see that happen with Citizen Engagement for Energy Efficient Communities, a software developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. CoNNECT, a community-based computational framework, enables consumers to benchmark their consumption against that of their peers. "CoNNECT builds on the premise that energy consumers need to go beyond one-time improvements that are often not monitored to increase the likelihood of achieving energy savings," said Budhu Bhaduri, who led the development team. By tracking energy usage data, CoNNECT provides an improved energy feedback mechanism that informs households in more detail about their consumption pattern so homeowners can achieve better awareness and control. CoNNECT is available for licensing with a deadline of Aug. 16.

 -  Ron Walli,  865.576.0226,  July 12, 2013

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