Big Data - Powerful pattern discovery . . .


Analyzing vast amounts of information to identify suspicious activities could become easier with EAGLE, a technology developed by a team led by Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Rangan Sukumar. The software that scales on Cray’s Urika allows users to retrieve and visualize massive relationship-graphs, simplifying the process of recognizing patterns that are sometimes difficult to find by just querying data. For example, the team studied a doctor referral database of connections between providers who referred patients to another during a one-year period.  “Our algorithms discover situations such as 80 percent of patients who visit Doctor A also visit Clinic B, which is owned by a friend of Doctor A, that may warrant an investigation,” Sukumar said. Other potential relationship-analytics applications for EAGLE include social network analysis, fraud detection and forensics, semantic-integration for drug design and clinical pathway analysis.

 -  Ron Walli,  865.576.0226,  November 05, 2013

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