ETHANOL -- Unexpected test results . . .


Ethanol blends of 10 to 25 percent could potentially have more fuel pump compatibility issues than higher blends, according to a study conducted by a team led by Mike Kass of Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Fuels and Engines Research Group. "Many scientists had thought that higher ethanol blends — especially those exceeding 50 percent — would have the poorest properties, but that doesn't' appear to be the case," Kass said. The study focused on potential corrosion and other issues with polymers common to fueling infrastructure components. From a broader perspective, Kass noted that this study will help reduce the chance that underground tanks will leak, thereby helping to protect the environment. The study was also used to develop retrofit kits for gasoline dispensers. It did not examine engines or directly test engine fuel components.

 -  Ron Walli,  865.576.0226,  November 05, 2012

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