Engineering - Real world stress


To see if your system or instrument will stand up to real-world stresses, put it through its paces in Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Environmental Effects Laboratory. The EE Lab boasts a suite of instruments and mechanisms that can simulate just about any insult the world can throw at a piece of equipment. Team leader Peter Chiaro said the project looks at and mimics real-world situations such as extreme temperatures, humidity, air pressure, magnetic fields, electromagnetic interference, ionizing radiation, voltage variation, vibration, shock and even dust. Devices can simulate collisions, impacts and changing conditions that, in tests, can assure that equipment performs to field environment specifications. The EE Lab, funded by the Work For Others Program, has tested commercial equipment, including more than 200 models of radiation detection instruments. Check the Website at

 -  Bill Cabage,  865.574.4399,  November 10, 2006

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