Tech Transfer - Brighter sensors


Production of prototype sensors that combine living cells with integrated circuits could begin within a few months. Micro Systems Technologies, a startup company in Dayton, Ohio, recently licensed bioluminescent bioreporter integrated circuit technology developed by Mike Simpson of Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Gary Sayler of the University of Tennessee. These whole-cell living bioreporters are genetically engineered to generate light when they have taken up the targeted substance. Because these sens ors can detect chemical and biological agents in the air, water or soil in near real time, they have potential applications in a wide range of environments. Joe Williams, chief executive officer of Micro Systems Technologies, envisions using them for env ironmental contaminants monitoring, for detecting weapons of mass destruction (homeland security) and in medical care devices. Their low cost and small size make them ideal for use in areas where other analytical instruments would be impractical.

 -  Ron Walli,  865.576.0226,  December 02, 2003

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