Homeland Defense - Towers of power


If a so-called dirty bomb were deployed anywhere in the United States, a system developed at ORNL could save thousands of lives. SensorNet, which provides near real-time detection, identification and assessment of chemical, biological and radiological threats, allows informed first-responders to be dispatched within minutes of an event. The system combines assets from government and private sectors to provide state-of-the-art sensors and remote telemetry at some of the 30,000 existing cellular communications sites throughout the nation. These strategically placed towers provide the nation with unparalleled wireless telecommunications capabilities. First responders would know the critical details of the event, including the chemical or biological agent as well as levels of radiological releases. In addition, emergency management personnel would know the projected path of the plume in time to take corrective action.

 -  Media Relations,  865.574.4160,  May 01, 2002

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