Sensors - Miniature mobile snoop


Most criminals know about robots armed with cameras and shotguns, but there's a new law enforcement weapon on the horizon. Actually, the weapon is a micro-robot about the size of a june bug, so it's only on the horizon if you're at floor level. And that's the idea, according to developers in ORNL's Robotics and Process Systems and Life Sciences divisions. The micro-robot is a battery-powered sensor that can travel under doors, for example, and detect chemical and biological agents. The device can be equipped either with a swatch for collecting agents on the floor or a microcantilever that reacts in the presence of a specific chemical. The micro-robot is ideal for stealth applications or for monitoring areas that are difficult to reach with conventional means. Researchers have already developed a robotic device that crawls under a door and detects chemicals.

 -  Media Relations,  865.574.4160,  June 01, 2001

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