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Keys to competitiveness
— Like any veteran from an intensely competitive field, former Intel CEO Craig Barrett stays, in his vernacular, paranoid about the competition, In fact, his mentor and Intel predecessor, Andy Grove, said "only the paranoid survive" in the open marketplace.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Researchers Contribute to Prestigious Climate Report
— Thomas Wilbanks and Benjamin Preston, both of the Climate Change Science Institute (CCSI) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), are among the 309 coordinating lead authors of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC’s) Working Group II (WG II) report.

ORNL supports local teams in FIRST Robotics Competition
— Robotics fever continues to spread in East Tennessee, thanks in part to Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s ongoing support for the FIRST Robotics Competition. Many ORNL staff members donate their time and expertise to mentoring local teams throughout the grueling six-week build season, during which students design and build a robot to meet the challenges of the year’s game.

ORNL hosts World Nuclear University Summer Institute Assembly alumni
— The Department of Energy and Oak Ridge National Laboratory are hosting the World Nuclear University (WNU) Summer Institute Alumni Assembly this week at the ORNL Conference Center and around the laboratory.

Rethinking soil science
— Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere may get the lion’s share of attention in climate change discussions, but the biggest repository of carbon is actually underfoot: soils store an estimated 2.5 trillion tons of carbon in the form of organic matter.

Titan Project Explores the Smallest Building Blocks of Matter
— Our world is made up of particles so tiny they may actually be points in space.

Holdren describes S&T's 'rightful place' in administration
— Presidential science advisor John Holdren described a host of initiatives and programs that support the Obama Administration's science and technology policy in the latest in the Wigner Distinguished Lecture Series at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory on Thursday, March 13.

3D printing yields advantages for US ITER engineers
— ITER, the international fusion research facility now under construction in St. Paul-lez-Durance, France, has been called a puzzle of a million pieces. US ITER staff at Oak Ridge National Laboratory are using an affordable tool—desktop three-dimensional printing, also known as additive printing—to help them design and configure components more efficiently and affordably.

Solar surprise
— Photovoltaic spray paint could coat the windows and walls of the future if scientists are successful in developing low-cost, flexible solar cells based on organic polymers.

'That's what we do.'
— University of Tennessee (UT)-Oak Ridge National Laboratory Governor's Chair for Advanced Manufacturing Suresh Babu will lead the University of Tennessee's effort as part of a Detroit-based Lightweight and Modern Metals Manufacturing Innovation institute announced by President Obama on Feb. 25.

Thompson-Boling Arena Among First in World to Use Cutting-Edge Lighting
— With the installation of LED fixtures, UT’s Thompson-Boling Arena is one of the first in the world to feature lights that are smaller, brighter, and up to 85 percent more efficient than conventional arena metal halide lights.

Asking the right questions
— A boyhood fascination with philosophy and nature put Gaute Hagen on the path he still follows at Oak Ridge National Laboratory: seeking answers to some of life’s most basic questions. By asking the right ones, the native of Norway hopes for insights that could rewrite physics textbooks.

Climate consequences loom
— Former Energy Secretary Steven Chu mixed his Wigner Distinguished Lecture on Feb . 12 with a description of his current research at Stanford and his outlook on energy policy and climate change.

ORNL partners on SuperTruck featured in Obama speech
— On Tuesday, Feb. 18, President Obama unveiled the timing for the next phase of fuel economy regulations for trucks. He delivered his speech at a Safeway store in Maryland.

Ballistic Transport in Graphene Suggests New Type of Electronic Device
— Using electrons more like photons could provide the foundation for a new type of electronic device that would capitalize on the ability of graphene to carry electrons with almost no resistance even at room temperature – a property known as ballistic transport.

ORNL and Local Motors sign CRADA to enable rapid design and manufacturing of vehicles through direct digital manufacturing
Local Motors, Inc. and Oak Ridge National Laboratory have signed a new partnership to develop and deliver technology to produce the world’s first production 3-D printed vehicle.

Letting in the light
— Soiling -- the accumulation of dust and sand -- on solar power reflectors and photovoltaic cells is one of the main efficiency drags for solar power plants, capable of reducing reflectivity up to 50 percent in 14 days.

Energy's future
— Arun Majumdar's recent career stops in government and private industry have given him a unique perspective on the role of innovation in energy.

Sustainable vision
— After an illustrious 36-year career, energy policy research analyst David Greene retired late last year from The Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laborator. Greene's expertise has made him a frequently sought authority when energy is in the news. His observations, which often point to market forces' effects on oil prices, have invariably proven accurate in the long term.

Defense from a distance
— Modern weapons technologies often keep members of the military out of harm's way by allowing them to perform missions from a distance. Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory are helping the military play defense from a distance, as well.

Comprehensive phonon “map” offers direction for engineering new thermoelectric devices
— If you’ve ever been stuck in traffic on a hot, sunny afternoon, you might have noticed the rippling effect caused by the release of even hotter exhaust fumes. If so, you’ve watched opportunity drift away.

Mammalian genetics pioneer Liane Russell writes Mouse House history
— Award-winning geneticist Liane Russell has written a history of Oak Ridge National Laboratory's fabled Mouse House, where she and husband William led a research program that charted significant advances in the field of mammalian genetics and mutagenesis.

ORNL researchers show production, energy advantages of additive manufacturing
— Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory are working with aircraft makers to determine energy savings through the use of additive manufacturing, also known as 3-D printing.

ORNL continues to reduce its energy footprint
— Energy-efficiency was a prevailing theme of Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s decade-long modernization campaign. With most new construction complete, the laboratory continues to fine-tune the energy use of its facilities both old and new, from lighting to the systems that cool its supercomputers.

Fert kicks off Wigner Lectures to full house
— Nobel Laureate Albert Fert gave the inaugural Eugene Wigner Distinguished Lecture Monday to a packed house at the Spallation Neutron Source’s Iran Thomas Auditorium. The lecture, hosted by ORNL's Corporate Fellows, was titled "Novel Directions for Spintronics: Spin-orbitronics and Magnetic Skyrmions.


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