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ORNL technology could mean improved prosthesis fitting, design
— Soldiers returning from war who have lost a leg could lead a more active festyle with the help of a technology being developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers.

Battery-powered Christmas carol: A trip down memory (effect) lane
— As consumers anticipate unwrapping the latest electronic gadget during the holidays, they may not give much thought to how long their shiny devices will last. But it's a topic under significant consideration at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where researchers such as Claus Daniel are working to understand a critical lifetime component in these devices -- the battery.

SANS tracks cell death protein invading biomimetic mitochondrial membrane
— An international team of biochemists, biophysicists, and neutron scientists are using a combination of fluorescence and small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) techniques to assist biochemists in better understanding how a protein associated with cell death incorporates into membranes.

ORNL summer interns take top prize at Siemens Competition
— Oak Ridge High School students Cassee Cain and Ziyuan Liu are the team winners of the 2011 Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology, announced Monday, Dec. 5, in Washington, D.C.

Mars 'Curiosity' has ORNL tech
— The Curiosity rover that was launched toward Mars over the Thanksgiving holiday includes a significant contribution from ORNL and DOE.

In Alaska's backyard
— Making well-informed computational models of an ever changing, vast Alaskan landscape presents challenges that Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers are working to overcome.

Q&A with Cassee Cain and Ziyuan Liu
— Oak Ridge High School students Cassee Cain and Ziyuan Liu won the regional championship and a $6,000 team scholarship at the Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology Nov. 5 at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. Under the guidance of Boyd Evans and John Mueller, ORNL biomedical engineers, Cain and Liu developed a project that uses Kinect for Xbox 360 and Computer Vision to analyze human gait.

Three ORNL Supercomputers in Top 20 at SC11
— Supercomputers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory claimed three spots in the top 20 of the TOP500 list, high-performance computing's biannual rankings of the world's most powerful computers. The latest TOP500 tally was released Nov. 14 at SC11, high-performance computing's premier conference, in Seattle, Wash.

Igniting Innovation and Inspiration
— Legend has it that Prometheus brought us the gift of fire?a gift of comfort, innovation and even inspiration.

Interview: Collin Broholm
— Collin Broholm, a leader in the international neutron scattering community, recently joined ORNL's Neutron Sciences Directorate as a joint faculty appointment with Johns Hopkins University. He will spend approximately 25 percent of his time working at ORNL.


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