XG Sciences, ORNL partner on titanium/graphene composite materials

Titanium/graphene composite specimens prepared for flash thermal diffusivity measurement. January 2013. Credit: ORNL, XG Sciences

XG Sciences, a developer of graphene nanomaterials, and ORNL’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility are work­ing together to develop a titanium/graphene composite that would have a greater range of applications than titanium alone. The effort uses advanced powder metallurgy manu­facturing processes developed at ORNL.

Titanium is an important structural material for a variety of industrial, commercial, and military applications because of its light weight, high strength, and corrosion resistance. However, its use has been limited by its low thermal con­ductivity. Graphene-based materials, with excellent thermal conductivity, would be ideal reinforcements for improving both the thermal and the mechanical properties of titanium.

XG Sciences, headquartered in Lansing, Michigan, can mass-produce graphene nanoplatelets in high volume, and ORNL has capabilities for low-temperature powder metal processing. Together, the two organizations see opportuni­ties to create advanced titanium/graphene composites.

“Graphene is an exciting new material with huge po­tential due to its fast electron mobility, high mechanical strength, and excellent thermal conductivity,” said Liya Wang of XG Sciences. “Metal-matrix composites have not been explored in depth but offer a large potential market opportunity. We are glad to partner with Oak Ridge National Lab and use their Manufacturing Demonstration Facility to advance the graphene-based material technologies and help maintain the competitive advantages of the United States in developing and manufacturing high-tech products.”

“ORNL is pleased to have the opportunity to work with XG Sciences to bring new materials technology closer to reality and introduction in the marketplace,” said Stephen Nunn, Materials Science and Technology Division. “With a long history in materials development and the recently com­missioned advanced processing capabilities at ORNL’s Manu­facturing Demonstration Facility, we are certain this will be a successful collaboration.”


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