Additive manufacturing capabilities expanding

Large-scale polymer additive manufacturing equipment located at the Manufacturing Demonstration Facility.

Additive manufacturing capabilities available through ORNL’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility are expanding to include large-scale polymer additive manufacturing and a new state-of-the-art Arcam A2XX system for metal additive manufacturing.

ORNL is working with industry to rapidly develop and demonstrate the additive manufacturing system for a funda­mental breakthrough in high-flow-rate deposition of fiber-reinforced polymers at room temperature. Efforts will focus on integration of computer numerical control tooling to produce net shape components, integration of multiple ma­terials, and development of integrated systems. Demonstra­tion of rapid, low-cost tooling will impact a wide spectrum of industries, including automotive and aerospace.

The A2XX system is a robust platform providing 4× build volume. It has the potential to increase deposition rates by a factor of 4, with a target goal of 200 cm3/hour. It also pro­vides in situ process monitoring of each layer deposited for porosity and defect detection and for verification of part quality. It is expected to be operational in January.

ORNL is currently working on parameters for depositing Inconel alloys for high-temperature aerospace applications. Under a collaboration with Arcam to advance metal additive manufacturing, this work will be applied to in situ process monitoring and work with Arcam to evaluate the technology.


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