The Isobar Separator for Anions: A Powerful Technique for Suppressing IsobaricInterferences in AMS

03:00 PM - 04:00 PM
Jean-François Alary, Isobarex Corp., Canada
Physics Division Seminars
Building 6008, Large Conference Room

Email: Alfredo Galindo-Uribarri

The Isobar Separator for Anions (ISA) for AMS is an emerging separation technique first applied to theseparation of 36S from 36Cl, resulting in the relative suppression of sulphur by six orders of magnitude. Using aradio frequency quadrupole column incorporating gas cells, this innovative technique enables the use of a widerange of low energy ion-molecule reactions and collisional-induced dissociation processes for suppressingspecific atomic or molecular anions with a high degree of selectivity. Other elemental pairs (analyte/isobar)successfully separated at AMS level by ISA now include Ca/K, Sr/(Y, Zr), Cs/Ba, Hf/W and Pu/U, potentiallyenabling the measurement of the radionuclides 41Ca, 90Sr, 135,137Cs, 182Hf, and 236,238Pu at ultra-trace level onsmaller accelerators. In view of these initial successes, an effort to develop a version of the ISA that can be usedas a robust technique for routine AMS analysis has been undertaken. We will present the detailed layout of apractical ISA and the functional requirements that a combined ISA/AMS system should meet. A pre-commercial ISA system incorporating these concepts is currently being installed at the newly established A. E.Lalonde AMS Laboratory in Ottawa, Canada.

Refreshments served at 2:40 pm


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