Overview of ISOL Facility for RISP

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Hyung-Joo Woo, ISOL Team, RISP, Institute for Basic Science, SEOUL, South Korea
Physics Division Seminar
Building 6008, Large Conference Room
Email: Alfredo Galindo-Uribarri

The key feature of ISOL facility is to provide high intensity and high-quality beams of neutron-rich isotopes with mass in the range 80-160 by means of a 70-MeV proton beam directly impinging on uranium carbide thin-disc targets to perform forefront researches in nuclear structure, nuclear astrophysics, reaction dynamics and interdisciplinary fields like medical, biological and material sciences. The technical design of the 10-kW and 35-kW direct fission targets with in-target fission rate of up to 1014 fissions/s has been performed, and for the development of ISOL fission target chemistry initial effort has been given to the production of porous lantanum carbide (LaCx) disc as a benchmark for the final production of porous UCx disc. To produce the large part of the possible beams, three classes of ion source are under development at RISP: the surface ion source, the plasma ion source (FEBIAD), the laser ion source, and the prototype fabrication is in progress. An engineering design and fabrication of ISOL target/ion source front-end system is also in progress, and a prototype will be used as off-line test facility in front of the pre-separator. The technical designs of other basic elements in ISOL facility such as the RF-cooler, the high-resolution mass separator, the A/q separator have been finished, and the results are introduced with the following plans.


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