Liane Russell Candidate Seminar: The Response of Terrestrial Ecosystem Processes to Extreme Climate Events

01:00 PM - 02:00 PM
Sindhu Jagadamma, Ohio Statue University, Columbus, OH
Environmental Sciences Division
Wigner Auditorium

Email: Tim McKnight

As a consequence of global warming, extreme climate events (ECE) of catastrophic magnitude and frequency will likely become more intense and frequent in the future. The world has recently witnessed an escalation in damaging ECE that could have adverse impacts on terrestrial ecosystems with resulting positive feedbacks on climate change. Unfortunately, little experimental research has been done in this area, so the ECE are poorly represented in the current ecosystem models. The overarching goal of my proposal is to build the foundation at ORNL to predict the ecological responses to ECE through a new coupled experiment-modeling approach. I will conduct moisture manipulation experiments to simulate precipitation-related ECE and capture the response and recovery of soil biogeochemical processes using an array of measurement approaches including sensor-based technology. I will collaborate with the Electrical and Electronics Systems Research division of ORNL for the sensor development task and with the Climate Change Science Institute for the modeling task. The sensor-based data acquisition and multi-scale modeling framework capabilities developed in this project will be directly adaptable to the Department of Energy’s Office of Biological and Environmental Research’s (BER) future research initiatives such as BER Virtual Laboratory and Next Generation Ecosystem Experiment-Tropics.

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Liane Russell Fellowship Candidate


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