Integral Inherently Safe Light Water Reactor (I2S-LWR) Concept

02:00 PM - 03:00 PM
Josh Jarrell, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta
Reactor and Nuclear Systems Division Seminar
Joint Institute for Computational Sciences (Building 5100), Auditorium (Room 128)
Email: Josh Jarrell

Securing energy supply is one of the grand challenges we are facing today and it is difficult to envision a plausible solution without nuclear power. New nuclear power plant designs are expected to offer improved characteristics with respect to safety, efficiency, economics and waste management. After providing examples of representative approaches and systems addressing these requirements, in the main part of his lecture Prof. Petrovic will introduce a new reactor concept, Integral Inherently Safe Light Water Reactor (I2S-LWR). This design concept employs reactor configuration with an integral primary circuit aiming to implement to a larger power reactor attractive inherent safety features usually associated with integral SMRs. This however necessitates innovations in its safety approach, development of a novel fuel design, as well as introducing novel technologies for primary circuit components. I2S-LWR is being developed under a U.S. DOE Integrated Research Project (IRP) research grant awarded to a multidisciplinary team of 13 national and international organizations led by Georgia Tech.

About the Speaker

Dr. Petrovic is Professor of Nuclear and Radiological Engineering at Georgia Tech. His expertise and current research interests include reactor physics, advanced reactors design, nuclear fuel cycle and waste management, modeling and simulations of nuclear systems, and in a broader sense sustainability of nuclear power. Dr. Petrovic is the PI of two DOE-funded projects related to advanced reactors: “Integral Inherently Safe LWR”, and “Fuel and Core Design Options to Overcome the Heavy Metal Loading Limit and Improve Performance and Safety of FHR”. Prior to joining Georgia Tech, he was Fellow Scientist in Westinghouse Science and Technology R&D with primary responsibility as the Deputy Director of the IRIS reactor development project. Dr. Petrovic is Fellow of the American Nuclear Society (ANS), and has authored or co-authored over 250 technical publications and two patents.


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