Green Engineering and Life Cycle Assessment at Virginia Tech

03:00 PM - 04:00 PM
Sean McGinnis, VT Green Engineering, Oak Ridge
Center for Bioenergy and Sustainability Seminar
Building 4500-N, Hiwassee Conference Room (K-235)
Email: Jennifer Smith

Green Engineering is an undergraduate program and minor within the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech. This program serves as a focal point in the College of Engineering for considering the environmental impacts of the design, manufacture, and use of engineered products, processes, and systems across all engineering disciplines. A brief description of the educational goals and philosophy of this program will be reviewed. A key aspect of this program is the use of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for the quantitative measurement of environmental impacts. Several examples of LCA projects in different fields (water treatment, manufacturing of nanocellulose, and gold nanoparticle processing) will be reviewed and discussed in the context of LCA best practices and challenges.


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