Electrochemical Energy Storage

08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Multiple Speakers, in multiple disciplines, from multiple institutions
ASM International, Oak Ridge Chapter, Symposium
National Transportation Research Center
Email: Melanie Kirkham

The Oak Ridge Chapter of ASM International will host an educational symposium on electrochemical energy storage Wednesday, April 16 at the National Transportation Research Center (NTRC), 2360/2370 Cherahala Blvd., Knoxville.

The symposium is open to all researchers, students and people interested in energy storage related to batteries. Discussions will include applications, new advanced manufacturing technologies and safety characterization related to battery science. There will be a tour of the DOE Battery Manufacturing R&D Facility at ORNL during the symposium.

This symposium will bring together speakers from industry, academia, and national laboratories to review the state of the art of lithium ion batteries and the future of electrochemical energy storage within the materials and device level and advances in characterization techniques for these devices and materials.

Electrochemical energy storage has become more and more important. In the past, electrochemical energy storage has been limited in size and energy density. Associated with its high cost for higher energy density, consumer electronics was the sole market for electrochemical energy storage until recently. Now, electrochemical energy storage transforms power tool, automotive, and electricity grid markets. Power tools benefit from the tremendous power capabilities of newly developed lithium ion batteries, automotive and grid scale storage which has become more available with new manufacturing technologies for large format devices.



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