Analysis of challenges and solutions to transportation problems

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Asad J. Khattak, Ph.D, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Urban Dynamics Institute Seminar
Building 5200, Room 202A

Email: Beata E. Taylor

The presentation will cover key challenges and critical issues facing transportation planning and operations. In particular, it will discuss the unreliability of the transportation system, safety of various modes, and energy/emissions issues related to transportation. The presentation will explore how can societal goals of sustainability be achieved by harnessing various solutions such as smart growth and intelligent systems? Specifically, we envision a broad range of intelligent systems that can have substantial sustainability impacts. These include 1) intelligent transportation systems, especially emerging technologies that interconnect smart devices associated with people, vehicles, and the infrastructure, 2) powerful analysis and simulation tools that can combine physical and virtual environments, and 3) novel interaction technologies that facilitate deliberation and information exchange among stakeholders for planning purposes. The presentation will discuss the value of various strategies, innovations, and opportunities to better manage the transportation system while minimizing environmental impacts.

Dr. Asad J. Khattak is Beaman Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Transportation Program Coordinator at University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Dr. Khattak is Editor-in-Chief of Science Citation Indexed Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems, and Associate Editor of International Journal of Sustainable Transportation. He is special adviser to the Journal of Safety and Security and editorial advisory board Member of Transportation Research, Part C, and Analytic Methods in Accident Research. Dr. Khattak’s research focuses on various types of innovations related to 1) intelligent transportation systems, 2) transportation safety, and 3) sustainable transportation. During 2006-2013, he was Frank Batten Endowed Chair Professor of Civil Engineering at Old Dominion University where he developed and directed ODU’s transportation research initiatives and educational programs. He is an internationally recognized scholar, with 95 scholarly journal articles and has obtained more than $7.6 million in research funding. Dr. Khattak graduated from Northwestern University and he has worked at University of California at Berkeley, University of Oxford in England, and the French National Institute for Transport and Safety Research.


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