Amsterdam Density Functional Modeling Suite 2014

01:00 PM - 02:00 PM
Fedor Goumans, SCM
National Center for Computational Sciences Seminar
Research Office Building (5700), Room L-204
Email: Peyton G. Ticknor

The Amsterdam Density Functional (ADF) modeling suite is tailored for understanding and predicting structure and reactivity in chemistry and material science. New features in the upcoming 2014 release and future plans will be discussed.

ADF has a track record of almost 4 decades in providing excellent DFT software. With our team of highly trained chemists and physicists and active collaborations with academic development groups we continue to broaden the scope and functionality of our software. We offer expert scientific support.


About the Speaker

Dr. Fedor Goumans, Fedor ( has a broad background, ranging from photochemistry through inorganic chemistry (PhD 2005), astrochemistry, to quantum TST. He has been working for SCM since 2012.


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