Technology Innovation Program

The Technology Innovation Program (TIP) is a 1-year program designed to accelerate selected technologies to commercial readiness.  TIP projects are proposed by ORNL scientists and engineers and selected competitively based on their potential for near-term societal or economic impact.  TIP technologies are advanced through research and development and outreach to industry.  TIP is funded by UT-Battelle licensing royalties.

When a technology enters the TIP process, it is initially made unavailable for licensing in order to provide the R&D team with time to improve its marketability and to give prospective licensees time to evaluate its potential.  When the technology has matured, typically 6-9 months after project start, ORNL issues a call for license applications.  Interested licensees then have 60 days to submit an application.  If more than one prospective partner seeks an exclusive license in the same field of use, the licensing applications are scored to objectively identify the prospective licensee most capable of commercializing the technology.

Please contact us if you would like to be included on the TIP calls for license applications.

The following technology is currently available for licensing:

Genetic Regulation of Lignin Reduction in Plants

Low-Cost Controlled-Morphology Metal-Oxides for Multifunctional Coatings

Low-Cost High Performance CF*C-Plus Stainless Steel

Rapid, Fieldable Viral Diagnostics

For additional licensing opportunities visit our "Licensing Opportunities Available" page.


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