Invention to Innovation Webinar Series

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has a portfolio of more than 800 inventions in topics ranging from advanced materials to analytical instrumentation to energy and utilities.  This webinar series provides overviews of sectors of the ORNL invention portfolio and highlights of specific commercial opportunities approaching market readiness.  Each webinar concludes with a roundtable session for Q&A and market feedback. 

The webinar series is free, but space is limited and registration is required.

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June 4, 2014

Technology Opportunities in ORNL Instrumentation, Sensors and Detectors
Featured Technology:  Smart Smoke Detector

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Mike Paulus, PhD, Director, Technology Transfer
Bruce Warmack, PhD, Senior Staff Scientist, Electrical and Electronics Systems Research Division

June 25, 2014

Technology Opportunities in Manufacturing Systems
Featured Technology: Lignin-derived High Performance Plastics

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Dan Miller, Manager, Industrial and Economic Development Partnerships
Amit Naskar, PhD, Group Leader, Carbon and Composites Group

July 16, 2014

Technology Opportunities in Energy, Utilities, and Transportation
Featured Technology: Cast Alumina Forming Austenitic Stainless Steels

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Alex DeTrana, Senior Commercialization Manager
G. Muralidharan, Senior Staff Scientest

August 7, 2014

Technology Opportunities in Energy, Utilities, and Transportation
Featured Technology: Low-Cost Carbon Black Composite Anode for Lithium Ion Batteries

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Jen Caldwell, Group Leader, Technology Commercialization
Parans Paranthaman, Distinguished Research Staff and Group Leader, Materials Chemistry Group 

September 9, 2014, 2:00 p.m.

Technology Opportunities in Information Technology, Security and Defense Portfolios
Featured Technology: Interactive Visual Text Analytics for Situational Awarness of Social Media

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) plays an important role in national and global security by virtue of its expertise in areas such as supercomputing and data analytics.  Innovation in these areas is essential for protecting US citizens and advancing national and global security priorities.  ORNL Researchers support this mission by applying their scientific expertise to address critical challenges in areas such as cybersecurity.

With more than 140 million active users, Twitter produces about 340 million, 140-character posts each day.  Virtual communities form rapidly on such social media platforms, and occasionally these virtual communities can foster violence and unrest that is conveyed in the users’ language.  Techniques for analyzing broad trends over these networks or reconstructing conversations within small groups have been demonstrated in recent years but have not supported near real-time analysis of these large streams of information.  ORNL researchers have developed a system to discover and interactively explore these virtual networks; detect sentiment such as fear, anger, or sympathy; highlight change and trends; and discover patterns within the network movements, such as use of certain hashtags.

The ORNL-developed system continuously monitors an online feed of randomly sampled public posts from social media such as Twitter.  Researchers augment the sampled stream with additional filtered queries for specific geographical areas of interest and/or keywords to increase the volume of relevant data.  In parallel, another automated service monitors and archives RSS news feeds for an alternate source of event information.  The combined efforts allow researchers to analyze social media activity on a global scale.  Social media and other similar online streams of textual information represent a largely untapped resource for awareness and understanding of global events. 


David Sims, Senior Commercialization Manager
Chad Steed, Research Scientist

September 24, 2014

Technology Opportunities in Healthcare and Biology Portfolios
Featured Technology: Microbial Electrolysis for Renewable Hydrogen


Partnerships Staff
Abhijeet Borole, Senior Research Scientist


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